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Hematology/Oncology Clinic of Lake Charles

Having access to a highly skilled medical oncologist and hematologist with years of experience is important when facing a cancer diagnosis.  James Gaharan, M.D., board certified hematologist, has been treating patients with cancer and blood disorders in the Lake Area for decades.  Dr. Gaharan recognizes that every patient has unique and special needs.  He specializes in treating not only the cancer, but the whole patient. 
Dr. James Gaharan was among Louisiana’s top doctors in a recent survey of physician peers conducted for Louisiana Life magazine for 2010.  
What is immunotherapy? Immunotherapy is treatment that stimulates the immune system to fight harder or smarter.
Practice Overview:
  • Bleeding disorder
  • Blood-related disorder
  • Blood and marrow disorder (including leukemia)
  • Cancer or malignant disease (rare and common)
Health Info & Education:
Cancer is an abnormal growth of cells that reproduce despite restriction of space, nutrients shared by other cells, or signals sent from the body to stop reproduction. Cancer cells are often shaped differently from healthy cells, do not function properly, and can spread to many areas of the body.
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